Why do a BUS methodology survey?

Reveal features of value or concern in buildings you occupy / manage / maintain

Target investment to improve performance

Measure the success of your building improvement programme

Gain valuable insight from building users

Engage with occupants

Understand related building performance issues

Use building feedback to close the gap between design and performance in use


Buildings exist to meet the needs of the people that use them. Therefore as designers, contractors, developers, operators and managers we have a responsibility to ensure that the buildings we create and use do just that.

To do this, listening and learning to the views of occupants is critical to understanding how a building performs. They are likely to have a wide range of views on the various aspects of the building and the BUS methodology approach allows you to quantify these.

Occupant Satisfaction Evaluation using the BUS methodology can be used by building and property professionals including designers, sustainability experts, developers, contractors, facilities managers and estate managers. This can allow:

  • Designers to learn what worked well or less well on previous projects and feed this valuable information back into their designs next time.
  • Owners, developers and estate managers to use the tool to provide valuable learning for better briefing and procurement of future buildings. It can provide crucial feedback on existing assets, to ensure the building works better for the people and the business. It can inform strategic decisions such as estate rationalisation, relocation, acquisitions and disposals.
  • Contractors to use it as a validation tool as part of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) or POE to ensure the building is operating as intended and help validate commissioning. Occupant Satisfaction is embedded in the approach of Soft Landings and is a requirement for credits such as Man04 in BREEAM.
  • Facilities Management teams to use BUS to highlight critical areas of focus in the building. This could create KPIs and provide a method to improve performance of the building and improve client relationships.

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The BUS methodology is available through a network of carefully selected partners to maintain the quality and integrity of the process. Our partners are trained to carry out high quality surveys and interpret the results. 

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