Why use BUS methodology?

Used on over 700 buildings

Developed over 30 years

Quantify occupant satisfaction

Learn lessons from feedback

Statistically Rigorous

Benchmarks empirically sound, based on real building results not simulations.

Passes examination by Ethical Standards Committees


Occupant Satisafaction Evaluation surveys using the BUS methodology are an excellent tool for use in academic research projects. They are a tried and tested method to provide well-founded data to back up findings. They have been used successfully in many MSc and Phd studies worldwide. BUS methodology can underpin research projects with robust data and analysis.

BUS methodology today is used for real world research to solve problems as well as gain knowledge. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of BUS methodology, licenses are only available through our partners. However, special arrangements are in place for supervised postgraduate students and for student coursework. Please contact info@busmethodology.org.uk for details.

There have been many publications based on BUS data they include:

Many publications by Adrian Leaman

Publications co-authored by Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass

Articles and Reports by Roderic Bunn

Books by George Baird